Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas - Protector of the Navy Saint Nicholas was born in Patara in Lycia and lived in the age of Emperors Diocletian and Maximilian. He became abbot of the monastery in Zion Myra in Lycia and later Bishop of the city.

History of Shipping

Shipping in Cyprus-History of Shipping Cypriots were among the earliest times connected with the sea and shipping. Living on an island, there was no other way of connecting with the outside world, apart from the sea.

A Shipping Center

Cyprus: A Shipping Center From early on, since 1963, Cyprus has recognized the political, economic and social significance and importance of shipping. Since then, applying the correct policy, the individual governments attracted to the island several traders operating in the maritime sector.

Marine Shipping

Marine Shipping And Marine Police Given the diversity of tasks has to do for the smooth and efficient operation the team of shipping marine and marine police is divided in four basic sections, the Coast, the Navy, the Department of Technical Support and the Department of Radio Tags.