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In the 14th Century a string of North European cities formed the Hansa League: merchant cities with a solid reputation for reliability, dependability and responsibility. Hanseatic Shipping Company Limited comes from the same good background. The House of Schulte, shipowners in the Hanse cities of Bremen and Hamburg since 1883 were behind the establishment of Hanseatic in Cyprus in 1972. Hanseatic was the first offshore company in Cyprus and the first shipmanagement company on the island. Since that time Cyprus has become a major shipowning and shipmanagement centre. Hanseatic is headquartered in Limassol, with its global activities progressed by affiliate and subsidiary offices and companies in many countries including Germany, Singapore, The Philippines, Myanmar, Greece, Scandinavia, Japan, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, the Ukraine and Russia. For nearly three decades Hanseatic has provided better shipmanagement for its Owner-Clients. Affiliated companies have been formed to ever increase the scope of services. Every type of ship management service is offered to worldwide Clients. Shipmanagement by Hanseatic leaves the Shipowner free to concentrate on Chartering, Operations, Sale & Purchase, although Hanseatic also provides those services...... Founder member of the International Ship Managers Association [ISMA], established to set new and exacting standards for shipmanagement services and ship operations, Hanseatic Shipping Company Ltd. was the first ship manager to achieve certification under ISMA Quality Assurance Code - a code which incorporates the requirements for complying with the international ISO 9002 standards and with the IMO ISM Code for Safety and Pollution Prevention. Hanseatic Shipping Company Ltd's strategy is based on the view that Quality and Safety, including Safety of the Environment go hand in hand - as one without the other does not make sense. Charterers are attracted to quality tonnage. Well maintained vessels are less expensive to operate. Off-hire periods are minimised. All vessels under full management carry the Hanseatic Shipping Company Ltd's Quality Management System. The Company's manning policies have resulted in a very low turnover of seafaring personnel - over 1000 crew members have been with the Company for more than 10 years. Some 60 percent of all sea staff have undergone Hanseatic Shipping Company Ltd's own training programmes, which far exceed current international standards and include specialised courses for the crews of oil, gas and chemical tankers. Senior Officers attend regular seminars and workshops on key safety and quality issues. As we like to say not only is a clean ship a safe ship : Quality Ship is a Clean and Safe Ship
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