Marine Shipping And Marine Police

Given the diversity of tasks has to do for the smooth and efficient operation the team of shipping marine and marine police is divided in four basic sections, the Coast, the Navy, the Department of Technical Support and the Department of Radio Tags.

The Port Department is responsible for control of ports and marinas that are points of entry to the Republic and for the vessels also, their crews and passengers moving to them.

The Navy Department is responsible for maintenance and security of Police vessels and the enforcement of maritime police duties and conduct maritime patrols and operations.

The Technical Support Department is responsible for the technical support of vessels and equipment especially in mechanical, electrical and electronic sector. For this reason there is a fully equipped machine shop, which carried out maintenance and limited repair and conversion of vessels and equipment.

The Department of Radio Tags has the responsibility of 24-hour surveillance of maritime traffic in Cyprus. That is achieved through a system of maritime Radar’s, which identify, and provide information and services for the vessels which are moving into the sea area of Cyprus.