Cyprus Shipping portal aims to feature reputable companies and agencies that operate from our island which enjoys an excellent geographical position and attracts many international ship management, agents and companies that catter on all aspects of shipping in Cyprus. Some of the worlds most reputable ship management companies have headquarters here. 

Everything You Need to Know about Shipping Companies in Cyprus

Further to the classic shipping services, Cyprus is incredibly popular in ship management because of its excellent geographical position and the professional people engaging in this demanding profession. This is probably one of the primary reasons why some of the best, internationally acclaimed ship management companies have their headquarters in Cyprus. Browse through these websites to find all types of shipping companies in Cyprus.

What makes these ship management companies unique?

These ship management companies are best known for their wide range of versatile services. They strive to achieve customer satisfaction by providing ship owners with customized, comprehensive and high-quality services that help them make the best of their shipowning business. These companies have teams of flexible and experienced personnel who maintain high-quality standards in a safe, efficient and viable manner. So, whether you need qualified technical support or consistent crew management systems, these professionals will relieve you from your workload and man your vessels just the way you want them to.

Another important aspect of their service is the fact that they enrol competent and highly qualified crew to handle any job. They also supply lubricating oils, provide storage, consumables and maintain the vessel according to your specified requirements. These experts will dry dock your vehicle, fulfil the requirements of the oil majors and keep the necessary records to ensure that the vessel has all its necessary certificates and manuals required by traders.

Some services offered by shipping companies based in Cyprus

As already mentioned, Cyprus shipping companies offer some of the most exceptional and high-value services. So, whether you’re looking for a ship agency/husbandry services, liner services, ship to ship transfers, chartering services, custom clearing or warehousing- these companies offer it all. Here’s a detailed scoop on the services they offer:

Shipping Agency and Husbandry services: Shipping companies features in our portal offer high-quality agency and husbandry services for both the cargos and vessels, in and around Cyprus.

Liner services: These experts also offer liner services from Cyprus to leading destinations like Israel, Lebanon, Italy and Greece. In addition to this, they offer ship to ship services and chartering services for any and every type of vessel in the dry cargo sector.

Cargo handling services: Specialize in cargo handling, where they are responsible for managing cargos of any and every size. They also help you with professional and fast clearing thereby ensuring that your ship is ready as and when you want it.

Ship chandlery: These shipping companies also happen to be dependable ship chandlers who ensure that both your supplies and cargo are delivered at your specified time. Their local market expertise along with the cooperation from the most competitive and efficient merchants in the field, help them in meeting these responsibilities better.

Cyprus shipping companies offer additional services

Technical Management: The technical management department comes with a set of highly skilled staff, most of whom have sailed vessels, even before joining office. The team includes master mariners, chief engineers, naval architects and other professionals like electricians and marine technical specialists. Each of them, are highly competent, and they will meet their designated responsibilities as and when you want them to.

Changing the Vessel Ownership: Owing to their several years of experience in the shipping industry, most of these companies have a full understanding of the regulations, complexities and procedures related to the management and the acquisition of a vessel. These companies act as agents providing seamless and glit freeway says that will complete all the relevant formalities in a proper and hassle-free way.

STS Operation: These experts are also equally useful in the supervision of STS equipment, cargo inspection services, cargo documentation services, vetting inspection and husbandry services. And that’s not all! They also handle and manage the delivery of the cargo additives, thereby ensuring that both the operation and the management, is exceptionally smooth.

So, if you’re looking to get your ships and cargos handled by highly qualified third party agents, these shipping companies can definitely be a great option. Consult them for exceptional management services.