Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas - Protector of the Navy

Saint Nicholas was born in Patara in Lycia, and lived in the age of Christianomachon, Emperors Diocletian and Maximilian. He became abbot of the monastery in Zion Myra in Lycia and later Bishop of the city. He slept on the 6th of December 345 µ.?., day celebrated his memory.

According to tradition when Saint Nicholas traveled to Jerusalem to worship the Holy Land, a terrible seaway came up suddenly. Saint Nicholas didn’t feel any fear, he prayed to Christ and the storm stopped! This miracle was known to everyone and from that moment all the Mariners have for their patron Saint Nicholas. Many other miracles happened from then, associated with sea so all the naval vessels have his image with them every day to protect them.

The name day of Agios Nikolaos is a public holiday in all the Greek ships, ports, port services and shipping companies. It is an official holiday also for the Navy, the Ministry of Merchant Marine and the coast guard.

Also many boats get his name and as protector of seafarers referred to in many island songs.