Shipping in Cyprus

Cypriots were among the earliest times connected with the sea and shipping. Living on an island, there was no other way of connecting with the outside world, apart from the sea. Ancient writers like Eusebius and Eustace, make references to the sovereignty of Cyprus in the Mediterranean over the years that followed the Trojan War. In modern history,

Cyprus is still at the forefront of global shipping. The fleet under the Cyprus flag is now among the top 10 countries in the world and among the top three in Europe. In addition, Cyprus is probably the largest ship management center in the world.

Remarkable development

The development of the Cyprus shipping industry over the past 50 years is remarkable. Very soon after the independence of Cyprus in 1960, Cyprus gave a big variety in shipping. In 1981 the fleet under the Cyprus flag had the position of 32nd in the world!

Since then many strategies and policies were adopted and developed aimed at attracting foreign shipping companies on the island.

After 35 years, Cypriots may pride themselves on creating perhaps the largest center of ship managers worldwide. Last 20 years, a large number of businesses located on the island, making Cyprus a shipping center that has nothing to envy to the great shipping centers of the world!